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How to Acquire Power to Strike Back in Tennis

How to Acquire Power to Strike Back in Tennis

You might ask yourself how a forehand power could affect your game in a tennis match. Well if you may not know when you try to strike the ball a little bit harder, it will end up on a slower travel of the ball. This is one of the ironies in the sport of tennis. So you might ask yourself again on how you could acquire the power needed to win. Basically, it goes down to the legs, forehand and rotation. You just have to prepare your body unto the appropriate position in order to strike the ball back. That is why it is not advisable to really control the ball because it will cause your muscles to go uptight. When this happens, it could result to a held back power shot.

A lot of professional tennis players hold their rackets lightly. This is one of their techniques in order to give a power shot. All they do is relax their wrist in order to snap the racket in a faster manner. Through this mode of handling, they can immediately strike the ball back in a potent way. This will entail a hard time for their challengers. Your legs can also be a means of gaining power. You just have to wait for the right moment to strike the ball back.

As you can see in professional matches, there are some players that jump to hit their shots. For your information, it is not an intentional jump but it is merely a result of full blast explosion. The right technique behind it is to avoid any moving or jumping that will sacrifice your balance. You just need to wait for the right time to make your move. In every game played at tennis, you must take into account these basic directions. This will help you gain confidence to be triumphant in your future matches.