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How to Properly Iron a Collared Shirt

How to Properly Iron a Collared Shirt

Are you looking to dress to impress but all your nice shirts look like they have been buried at the bottom of your hamper for the last 2 years? No need to worry, as long as you have an iron, those wrinkles are sure to go away just by following these easy instructions.

First, you need a good iron and a flat and clean area where you can place your ironing board. You don’t want to accidentally drop your shirt into a pile of garbage or the bowl of left over spaghetti you ate last night. Set your ironing board so that the skinny end of the board as at your left if you are right handed. Youll want it on the right if your left handed.

Now you need to take your iron or a spray bottle and lightly mist the shirt. You do not want to soak it, just make sure that it is slightly damp. Make sure that your iron has enough water in the water reservoir to complete the iron properly. Most good irons have a gauge on the iron, so you should fill it accordingly with cool water.

The next thing you need to do is go ahead and plug in your iron. Make sure you have plenty of cord to work with. Use an extension cord if you need to. Then turn on your iron to the preset temperature that matches the material of your shirt. Most irons have a setting for different materials. Set the iron aside and wait for it to preheat.

Now that your iron is hot, you are ready to go. Switch on the steam setting if it isn’t on already. The first thing you are going to iron on your shirt will be the underside of your collar. Spread the shirt out on your board exposing the underside of your shirts collar. Then use the iron and press down going from the point of the collar to the middle. Then turn it over and repeat on the front side of the collar..

Next you want to get that tricky spot on the back of the shirt called the yoke. On the tapered end of the board, pull the shirt so that the yolk is flat on the board. Press out the yoke until the wrinkles are gone.

The sleeves maybe the toughest part to get so take your time and make sure you get it right. First iron out the cuffs of your sleeves. Then take one sleeve by the seam and set it flat on the board. Try to match the seams of the shirt so that when you iron it, the seams will stay the seam. Start at the top and work your way down. Repeat with the other sleeve.

Now you need to do the body of the shirt. Set down the side of the shirt first with the buttons and pull it flat onto the board so that part of the shirt collar sets into the tapered part of the ironing board. Press out the placket and th entire left side of the shirt before turning it over and doing the right side.