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Second Hand Shopping for a Baby

Second Hand Shopping for a Baby

Second hand baby items is not a concept on many parents’ radar. The idea of going to a consignment store or thrift stores (like Value Village) is something they only consider when they are looking to buy used items for themselves.

But consider the baby items that are available in thrift stores and resale shops. When buying baby clothes at full retail price, new parents (who’s dollar is already being stretched) will spend about fifty dollars for a complete baby outfit. The very same name brand, the same color and quality can be found in a consignment store for about eight dollars.

Of course, thrift stores, and resale shops vary in quality, quantity and price of baby items. One can expect to pay a little more and often far less for the same baby items.

In our first example, you can buy six complete baby outfits, we are talking about socks, pants, bib, hat, and a shirt for six to eight dollars.

Keeping in mind how quickly your baby is growing, these baby items will soon be too small and you will find that you retail purchase at full price was an even larger expense when you have to return time and time again to continue buying new.

The good thing about buying second hand baby items at thrift stores, resale shops and consignment stores is that when your baby outgrows their baby clothes, you can always donate the items back to the thrift store and help out another new parent. In the case of consignment shops, you can actually get some or all of your money back when the baby items sell in the shop. A smart parent has just outfitted their newborn for free.

Let’s not forget the much larger value that can be found when buying used baby furniture in resale shops. The cost of baby furniture can be quite expensive and the savings when buying second hand can be much larger than when buying baby clothes.

Of course since baby furniture is not directly worn as an item, its signs of use are frequently nonexistent with furniture (like cribs, strollers and bassinets for instance) appearing like new for a fraction of the cost.

A useful idea might be to check with the local thrift stores or resale shops before going to the big box stores to make a purchase. If you do happen to find second hand baby clothes that are in great condition, consider yourself ahead of the game and use that extra money to buy yourself a coffee. You deserve it.