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Styles For the Petite Lady

Styles For the Petite Lady

If you are under five foot three inches, you probably come in the petite range. Some petites are small boned and some are plus size. Most clothes designers and departments have clothing range in the petite size in a variety of styles and designs. Petite women differ in sizes, so it may be that you might have to try several designers or brands before you find the best one that fits you. Some clothing items you buy, you might have to have slight alterations done to them. Alterations can be costly but sometimes necessary to get that perfect fit. Here are a few tips to get the best out of your figure.

Find a good and reasonably priced tailor who will do alterations for you when necessary.

Wear clothes that have vertical lines in them, such as a pinstripe suit, or a pinstripe shirt under same colour matching plain skirt or trouser suit.

Try to stay away for colour opposites that cut you in the middle such as a white shirt with a black pair of trousers. If you want to wear contrasting colours then wear it that the overall look is vertical such as a black suit with a matching black jacket over a white shirt. The vertical effect will give the appearance of longer length.

If you wear pattern then try to keep it small. As larger patterns will overwhelm you.

Try to avoid wearing anything horizontal, such as wide belts. You can though get away with them if they are the same colour as your outfit.

Wear heels if you are comfortable in walking in them They will add a couple of inches to your height. Try to avoid ankle strap shoes.