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Carhartt K87 Pocket T-Shirts – Toughest T-Shirt Around?

Carhartt K87 Pocket T-Shirts – Toughest T-Shirt Around?

Many of us have had many t-shirts in our lifetime and why not. They are comfortable to wear, they are cheap, and usually they have graphics that promote a brand or image we believe in. A quick count through your closet shows that you most likely have more t-shirts than you believe you actually had. Why do we seem to collect them? After a couple dozen washes they’ve change size and many times the collars stretch out. The comfortableness that we enjoy about t-shirts has been “washed out.” What if there were t-shirts where the fabric didn’t shrink much after several washings? We think we’ve found a brand delivers all the qualities consumers demand when it comes to t-shirts.

Carhartt, for 120 years, has been working hard to manufacture premium work clothing known for its durability, comfort and quality of construction. Although there are many knit shirts that they manufacture, I want to focus on the K87 Workwear Pocket T-Shirt in this entry. Carhartt manufactures this t-shirt in 18 different colors and in a size range that includes almost any size. Although only the core sizes are offered in all the colors, their big and tall sizes are offered in the majority of colors. We have a lot of gentleman looking for shirts to fit because they are a 4 or 5XL size or are tall and have the problem of their work shirts becoming belly shirts after washings. Carhartt realizes the lack of options for these gentleman and continues to offer many options throughout their whole catalog.

What is it though that makes Carhartt t-shirts last longer than others? There must be something about them that makes our customers claim them as “the best t-shirt around” and “they are so tough.” Carhartt uses a 6.75-ounce, 100% cotton jersey knit to construct the shirts and although they are not pre-washed, you will only see up to 5% in shrinkage. Note though that the Heather Gray and Ash colors do have some polyester in them, however this will not increase the shrinkage according to Carhartt. They are also made with a rib-knit collar which our customers tell us seem to last longer than other t-shirts as well.

Although there has not been a comparison test done (to my knowledge), our customer’s reviews speak volumes. If you have not tried a Carhartt K87 before, we encourage you to try one out and let us know your feedback on what we’re being told is “toughest t-shirt around.”