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The Different Types of T-Shirts

The Different Types of T-Shirts

Since the introduction of the tee shirt to the consumer market during the early 1900s, this article of clothing has come a long way. It has evolved over the past one hundred years to more than just a plain white thing worn under a uniform to a colorful, fun way to express a personality and beliefs. For example, the city t-shirt gives those who wear it the opportunity to express the city in which they live, grew up, or call home. City t-shirts have grown in popularity over the last ten years and as of now they seem to be the new trend. Listed below are more of the different kinds of tees that are popular today.

1. Graphic tees are ones that have any kind of design or print on them. For example, many t-shirts for women have flowers printed on them. Also, athletes wear these tees to promote their sport or show in which sport they compete. Some of the snowboarders wear tees with a snowboard and/or a mountain covered in snow on them.

2. When they first entered the market, tees only came in white. Now, they are available in many different colors, like pink, brown, green, blue, and lots more. These colored tees usually have pockets on one side of them as well. When they were popular, people used them to put their cigarettes in, but now the pocket is mainly for decoration.

3. Tie-dyed tees became popular in the 1960s and 1970s when a few famous rock bands started wearing them and their fans followed. Tie-dye tees are made when the shirts are wrinkled or tied up with rubber bands and place in different colors (or the same color) of ink. The ink stains the tee, which makes for a really interesting design.

4. Another currently popular trend is the cause or awareness tee. These tees are used by politicians, nonprofit organizations, and others to raise awareness for a specific issue. For example, many politicians give out tees at their campaign rallies, so people will wear them and create buzz or spread the word to others who see the garment. Another example would be tees that raise awareness for breast cancer. Finally, one clothing store in particular and a few designers took this idea to whole another level when they launched a tee-shirt campaign with new, hip designs focused on raising awareness of global AIDS. The campaign has been a huge success over the past few years, selling millions of dollars worth of shirts to go to help find a cure for AIDS.

In the past one-hundred years the tee has gone from plain white to being used to help spread awareness of a disease or to help a politician win an election. They have become a major part of not only American culture, but hundreds of other cultures all around the world. The future of this garment looks to be very bright as people and designers continue to find new ways to use this once dull undergarment. It is left up to the imagination what will become of this interesting piece of material in the next one hundred years.