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The Secret to a Busy Mom’s Success – The Simple Baby Boy T-Shirt

The Secret to a Busy Mom’s Success – The Simple Baby Boy T-Shirt

Remember when you were little, you probably didn’t care that much about fashion. All you probably wanted to do was to play with your friends, your toys, enjoy the outdoors and a host of other activities. Life was simpler then, and now that you’re a parent it might seem as if you can’t catch your breath. In a typical day where you have an endless “To-Do” list looming over your every moment, the last thing you want to do is worry about the fact that you don’t have a spare outfit with you. Have you been shopping for a baby boy t-shirt in a while?

When you’re on the go, running frenetically hither, thither and yon chasing down old friends, making grocery store runs, getting the final item on sale on the latest flower bulb or shrub, you don’t normally have the luxury of making sure that your baby t-shirt matches the leggings or that your son’s going to be comfortable in what you’ve brought as a spare. The answer is to simplify and multiply. Simplify your son’s outfits, down to the basic, jeans-and-tees. This way you can do a quick grab-and-go, no matter what sort of To-Do list you have going on for the day. But the trouble with little boys is, no matter what age, they have a “gift” for getting dirty just by existing.

It’s as if they are spill magnets. It doesn’t matter how hectic your day is, your son will at some point need a change of his outfit. Your son will need to have his shirt changed. You might spill some of your iced coffee on him while leaning over his bouncy-seat or walker, jumping to get to the phone. Whoops! Knowing that your little prince is going to need another outfit, you can be sure you’re ready for any occasion or outing by multiplying what’s in his dresser.

When you go shopping for baby clothes, be sure not to restrict yourself to only one baby boy t-shirt. Get a dozen. Get several colors, buy in bulk so you can be sure you’ve got your bases covered. Be sure when you buy, you get the softest cotton blends, shirts that will grow and stretch as he crawls or toddles his way through his day. You want to be sure to buy the best quality, from designers you trust, and hopefully from a top-shelf clothing store (shopping online makes all of this effortless).

This season, don’t get caught in the busy-mom-on-the-go lifestyle. Simplify your son’s wardrobe. Buy t-shirts that are simple yet comfortable, of the best quality and make sure you buy from a source you can trust. Your day will go much smoother when you’re ready for the bumps in the road, and your son will thank you for it with his beaming smile.