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Iron Man 3 Product Placement Causing Comic Concern

Iron Man 3 Product Placement Causing Comic Concern

Iron Man 3 will be released this May, but production news surrounding the film is already circulating. Following the recent CES conference, it has been revealed that Marvel has handed a large chunk of the product placement contract to Chinese manufacturer TCL. Could it be true? Tony Stark – American industry icon – will be using Chinese products in the upcoming Iron Man 3 film?

Marvel Studios VP, Bob Sabouni in a recent press conference, confirmed the product placement rumors. Sabouni stated that TCL was chosen as a partner for the upcoming film thanks to the company’s worldwide recognition. Not familiar with TCL (or “The Creative Life”)? This company makes LED and LCD TVs in North America and various other products sold through Europe and Asia.

Tony Stark will be using a TCL’s cloud technology, various handsets, and an enormous 110-inch 4k TV. In the past, Stark has mostly used American-made products from California-based Vizio. This will be the first major film deal between Hollywood and China. While it might be upsetting to some that Stark has gone foreign, it’s not a bad move for Marvel.

Back in February of 2012, China and the U.S. signed a fair trade agreement allowing more Hollywood movies to be shown in China. Since that contract was signed, less than half of movie tickets sold in China were domestic films. Simply put, American film companies are now targeting a different market. So, it makes sense that Marvel is teaming up with TCL in order to appeal to consumers and moviegoers in China.

It should also be pointed out that Tony Stark has used foreign products in the past including a Volvo, LG phones, and other devices. But, wait; doesn’t Tony Stark make all of his own devices? You’d figure a guy who can create a smart-mouthed computer assistant and an iron suit with flight capabilities could whip up a TV or two. Seemingly, Tony doesn’t have time to dabble in TVs and phones. He’d rather make life easier (the guy has to catch a break somewhere) and order a few devices made in China – and why not?

Are you taking personal issue with Tony’s choice of gadgets? Will you boycott the upcoming Iron Man 3 based on this Marvel news? It seems rather silly to miss out on one of the biggest releases of 2013 because of a product placement deal. I’m still going to the premiere when it hits the Great White North, and when Iron Man 3 is released here, I’ll be rocking this red-hot tee to show my support for Robert Downey Junior – er, Marvel.