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Specializing in Wholesale Dropshipping? – Let the SaleHoo Directory Give You a Hand

Specializing in Wholesale Dropshipping? – Let the SaleHoo Directory Give You a Hand

Finding a good product for your wholesale dropshipping business is not as hard as it seems to be. The best products are usually the products people need regularly. If someone buys a washing machine for instance, it is not likely he will buy another one in six months. On the other hand if the margin on that appliance is enormous you might as well go for washing machines. Best to sell products though which are not impressed by crises, seasons or other exterior factors. Like clothes…

Everybody wears clothes, each and every day. At least, we take that as a starting point. Due to financial circumstances people might spend less on clothes than they were used to, but they still spend money on clothes. So selling clothes on the internet could be a good idea. Could, if not already thousands of other sellers were selling clothes as well. So you have to stand out and specialize. Here is where a wholesale directory like SaleHoo comes in handy.

Once you paid your onetime fee to get access to the directory you can browse over 8,000 verified and reviewed wholesale companies. Of course you will find your clothes companies there as well. You can chose between sportswear, brand names, fashion, leisure, men’s, women’s and childrens clothing, outdoor, party, evening dress and so on. By picking one category or another you are already defining yourself more than someone who just sells any clothes he can get his hands on for a low price. By combining outdoor and sports you operate in the “same” area, and by adding men, women and children you create a rather broad spectra. Face it, the combination outdoor and evening dress may be exotic but hardly marketable.

Through SaleHoo you find your wholesale and/or dropshipping companies with whom you want to partner. Make sure that they have a good return system as clothes is one area where a high percentage of the goods may be returned: too big, too small, color too this or that, you can fill that in yourself as you probably have returned ordered clothes yourself once or many times. That is the down point on selling clothes: people are sometimes pickier over a $9.00 t-shirt than over a new fridge.

The good point on selling clothes is that you can sell the accessories that come with your category. Say outdoor and you think of hiking shoes, backpacks big and small, water bottles, gloves and what not. Say sports and you think of sports shoes and socks, sun glasses, wrist bands, head bands and so on. Your website store is already filling nicely and by having made choices in an earlier stage you will find your marketing later on so much easier: it is all in one area.