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To Wear an Apron Or Not?

To Wear an Apron Or Not?

When we walk through most stores that sell housewares, we usually walk by the aisle that has bib aprons hanging up for sale. We are all quite familiar with these cooking accessories, but many of us have never purchased one for regular use. So, the question becomes: should you wear an apron or not? Also, if you do or don’t, why or why not?

It seems that many women who wear aprons in their kitchens do so as a long standing tradition in their family. If their mothers wore aprons while they were cooking, they will most likely wear an apron as well. Some women wear the apron out of habit since their mothers were constantly putting an apron on them before doing any cooking. Of course, many women in the food industry generally wear a white apron as it is part of their work uniform. You will most often find that the chefs and staff in a restaurant kitchen either wear their chef coats with a waist apron or bib style apron. Many individuals who work as a barista also wear an apron of some sort.

While it makes sense that you wear aprons at work, since they are usually required, you might not continue to wear your apron at home. Some people prefer to not wear aprons at all as they think they tend to get in the way. There are some people who cook up the meal in a plain T-shirt and jeans and then change before their company arrives. If they will be doing a small amount of cooking while the guests are already there, they will go ahead and put on their wholesale aprons to protect their clothes, just in case.

Those who are messy cooks also tend to wear aprons more often than not. If you get food everywhere when you cook or bake, you are going to end up getting it all over your clothes. This is especially true when you are baking and dealing with flour and sticky sugar. It never fails that without your apron your clothes will end up covered with your baking ingredients. On the other hand, getting food all over clothes doesn’t really bother some people. So even though their clothes are pure white from all the flour, they feel more comfortable not being bogged down with a cumbersome apron. All in all, it simply comes down to a personal preference. It seems as though we are torn about 50/50 when it comes to our aprons. Half of us like to wear them and the other half don’t.