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Choosing the Right Chihuahua Clothing for the Winter Season

Choosing the Right Chihuahua Clothing for the Winter Season

Chihuahuas easily feels cold. This is due to the fact that because of their size they are highly active thus making their metabolism work faster compared to other animals. That is why they will need to wear Chihuahua clothes all the time. Even when they are inside your house they will still need this outfit.

Since it is winter season already, your Chihuahua will need all the warmth they can get. This season normally carries cold winds and heavy snow storms. If you are at loss as to what kind of Chihuahua clothing you should choose for this season here are some guidelines to help you out:

• Make sure that the outfit of your choice will fit your dog. It must not be too tight or too small but just enough for them to have a breathing space.

• The fabric for the clothing you purchased should be thick enough to keep your Chihuahua warm. Put some dog booties on their paws also to minimize the feeling of coldness. Keep in mind that this breed of dog gets cold easily. So keeping them warm is very important.

• If you and your pet plans to go outside let your Chihuahua wear a thicker Chihuahua clothes. When you and your pet are outside there are no heater so it is very cold.

• Let them wear dog booties also. This will prevent their paws from getting numb. Just make sure that the booties have rubber soles to prevent them from slipping since it is quite slippery outside especially if there is snow.

• You can also choose dog clothing with hoodies. This will give your pooch extra warmth.

With these extra effort to keep your pooch warm, rest assured that they will be protected at all times. This will also minimize the chances of your Chihuahua getting sick i.e. colds or flu. Keep in mind that you could still get your pooch to be stylish during this cold season. You just have to choose wisely.