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Choosing the Right Top For You According to Your Figure

Choosing the Right Top For You According to Your Figure

Each woman is unique and beautiful in her way. There is no perfect shape. Perfection, even if it defies its definition, changes every season, and on the catwalk nowadays there are women that have very different body types from the ones that used to present clothes for famous designers in the past. Some say that now there isn’t even a type of perfect woman. All women are perfect if they know how to highlight their qualities.

Women have to love their bodies and just learn some tricks to become appreciated also by the others. In what concerns ladies tops, women should know that they have to wear only the ones that flatter their body shape. In choosing the right top for your figure there are some aspects that women have to become aware of. First of all take a look at the fabric, the cut, the length, even the length of the sleeves. Then the print on the fabric is very important. For example we all know that vertical lines slim down your waist and make you look taller. Larger prints put an emphasis on the area, so if your breast area is large enough don’t wear tops with large prints.

But probably before analyzing the top, women should first analyze their upper part of the body. If the torso is shorter than the lower body, then the best thing to do is to wear tops that put an emphasis on shoulders and flow through the waist. You ca also wear medium to long tops. In this case one of the best solutions would be blazers. If you have a long torso, feel free to wear short tops, such as bandeau tops, bolero jackets, shrugs, even layered tops like double-tee tops or draped bodice tops.

After taking into consideration the length of the upper body in comparison to the lower one, we should take a look at the three major female body types: hourglass figure, inverted triangle figure and pear shape body. Women that have hourglass types of body may consider themselves very lucky. Fitted clothes like corset tops, low neckline tops, and practically all types of tops that define their waistline are suitable for this kind of figure. Inverted triangle body shape women can also wear low necklines, but for them it is recommended to find tops with three-quarter length sleeves. And last but not least pear shape body type that is advised to wear jackets or blazers with shoulder pads and is possible short sleeved tops and high necklines such as halter tops.

Women have an infinity of body shapes. But there is no ideal one. The important thing is to become aware of how you look like and make the best out of it.