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Clean Your Closet and Make Some Extra Cash

Clean Your Closet and Make Some Extra Cash

Do you have so many clothes, that your closet is busting out the seams? You may have clothes that you are not able to wear anymore or ones that just don’t make any fashion sense. Use these clothes to make you some additional cash instead of the usual trash.

Clean your entire closet out. Create a system of attack and put together different piles for accessories and shoes, clothes in good shape, clothes that are worn and have holes, and then ones that are still in fashion. Make sure to sort your piles out by sizes, gender and age group.

Ensure that all the clothes you will be selling have been properly cleaned and ironed. Most stores will require that they have been ironed and are on hangers.

Go to a store that sales clothes for resale. Take a look at the different styles and fashions they carry. Go to management and see what type of clothes they are in need for and what their policies are for buying them. Try not to waste your time going store to store if they are not looking for what you offer. Pin point the ones that will need what you have.

Other areas to consider are consignment stores that sell gently worn designer clothes. You are normally paid a portion of what they make off the final sale (about 40 to 50%).

Also check to see if there is a maximum amount of clothes that you can bring to them at one time. Make sure you hold on to every receipt and you should be mailed a check once your items are sold. Any unsold clothes will need to be picked up quickly to avoid having them placed with a charity.

Create a web page through or any other auction type site so you can get top dollar for your items. Listen to what people are demanding and you will be well on your way to cleaning out your closet and making some additional cash at the same time.

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