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Sex Techniques – Here Are 3 Tricks You Can Use To Give Your Woman Better Foreplay

Sex Techniques – Here Are 3 Tricks You Can Use To Give Your Woman Better Foreplay

Many guys skip the foreplay and try to rush to the ‘main course’ (penetration). However, this is a recipe for disaster because women hate it when guys rush sex. The truth is that you should use foreplay to turn your woman on and get her hot, wet and sexually excited. In fact, you should aim to give your woman two or three orgasms before you penetrate her.

The question is, how do you give your woman great foreplay?

Well, here are 3 Sex Techniques you can use with your woman the very next time you ‘get it on’ with her…

Sex Technique #1: Don’t Just Kiss Her Lips

Many men seem to focus only on kissing their women’s lips during foreplay. But they are definitely missing a trick or two. To get your woman really turned on, try kissing her neck and shoulders as well as her lips. And you can take it a stage further by licking her heck and even gently biting it. This drives many women crazy.

Sex Technique #2: Pay Attention To Her Lower Back

For most women, the lower back is an erogenous zone, meaning that if you touch it in a good way — it’ll turn a woman on. The next time you are kissing your woman, allow one of your hands to rest on her lower back, then slowly trace the figure of eight on her back. Do this for a minute or two and you’ll notice she gets a lot more sexually excited. This is very easy to do and works very well.

Sex Technique #3: The T-Shirt Trick

The T-Shirt Trick works so damn well that whoever invented it should have had it trademarked! When you use The T-Shirt Trick during foreplay and you do it naturally and without making it obvious to your woman as to what you are doing — you’ll turn your woman on more in 3 seconds than most guys manage in half an hour.

Here’s how you do it…

As you are kissing your woman, pull her in close so that your bodies are touching. Now, lift up your shirt/t-shirt and do the same with hers (you only need to lift it high enough to expose your stomachs). Now simply allow your stomach to touch hers.

Sounds stupid right?

Like DUH… what’s the big deal?

Well, the big deal is that when you try this, you’ll notice something remarkable happens…

As soon as your woman feels the skin on skin contact she’ll instantly kiss you harder and get more turned on.

So there you have it — 3 sex techniques you can use to turn your woman on during foreplay. Of course, once you’ve given her great foreplay, you need to follow-up with great sex.

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