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As the rapid development about information traffic, it makes many media companies grow faster. Nowadays, You can find both mass and online media easily. It is not only the big corporate that can build a media company, but also small company has the same opportunity. If you are wondering how to start a media company, you may need these tips below. It will help you to know about steps how to start a media company.

Follow The Government’s Law

The first step on how to start a media company is follow the Government’s Law. Setting up a media company, both of mass and online media have to follow the requirements of the Government. A media company must have the legal entities to declare the name, address, and person in charge publicly especially for the press publication, it needs to put the name and printing address.

Develop A Legal Media Company

The next step on how to start a media company is make it legal. A professional media company has to be legally recognized. The establishment of a media company must comply with the provisions of the Government’s Legislation. Furthermore, in doing the journalistic activities both of mass media and online media must keep referring to the press regulations and law, ethics codes of journalism, as well as the guideline. There is also a Press Council that supervise all the media companies.

Online Media Company

The other step on how to start a media company is deciding what kind of media company it is. Creating an online media company is considerably easier than other mass media or print media. A mess media or a print media needs complete devices such as working table and seats, and also printing tools at the office. You need to buy a domain and hosting for your website. Then design an interesting layout to make it simple and easy for people to read the news and information.

From the business side, comparing of both online media and the print media would be far smaller than the print media. But it also affects the income that you will get in the print media than online media. Hopefully, the simple tips on how to start a media company will help you to achieve your dream and start your business.