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Techniques Used To Make Beaded Clothing

Techniques Used To Make Beaded Clothing

It’s not hard to learn the techniques to make your own beaded clothing. In fact, you may already possess some sewing or craft skills that are commonly used when creating these individualized, beaded masterpieces.

Here are four different techniques that are used to create beaded clothing:

Applique: Beaded applique is applied in the same way that stitched applique is applied. A patch of contrasting fabric, usually in a novelty-like shape, is sewn onto a finished garment. It is attached using a thick, substantial border of decorative embroidery stitching.

In beaded applique, the applique itself is decorated with beads. They are often used to accent the predominant fabric or stitchery making up the design of the applique patch. Sometimes, the entire applique is filled in with beads, in a mosaic-like design.

These patches should be featured on a handbag, or as the centerpiece of evening formal wear.

Crochet: Although almost always featured on bags, shawls, hats, scarves and other traditionally knit or crochet items, bead crochet can also work as an added accent to a casual or formal garment.

A decorative crocheted front yoke, complete with bead accents, can dress up an otherwise plain top or blouse, taking it from simple to spectacular. A crocheted overskirt, worked in a delicate thread and dotted with sparkling beads, can turn a plain cocktail dress into a show-stopping formal gown. And don’t overlook perhaps the most common uses of beaded crochet: Beaded handbags and delicate, lacy, bead-filled shawls to cover bare shoulders on cool evenings.

Embroidery: With virtually unlimited ways to use it and incorporate beads on clothing, bead embroidery is the most versatile method of embellishing clothes.

The threads can stand on their own to create the design, with beads strategically placed to accent and highlight parts of it. Or the threads with their fancy stitches can take a backseat, while the beads take center stage and create a dazzling display, backed up by the richness of the stitchery.

Increase the possibilities even more by using thread of different sizes, materials, and thicknesses, varying the bead selection to complement the thread choices.

Fringe: Widely used to embellish the edges of garments, fashion accessories, and household items, beaded fringe is available in seemingly endless pre-made varieties.

Increase your options even more by creating your own beaded fringe using a simple or complex pattern.

Remember that the larger the beads that make up the fringe, the more difficult it is to wear an article of clothing it is used on. Save large, prominent beads for shoes. They also work well on accessories like handbags or hats.

Use smaller, dainty beaded fringe to decorate clothing, sunglasses, evening bags, dainty hair jewelry, and gloves.

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