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It Is What It Is, Just Not What You Think It Is

It Is What It Is, Just Not What You Think It Is

“It is what it is.”

How many times have you heard that? Or, how many times have you said that?

There is truth to the statement, but there are also some MAJOR flaws.

Typically you hear or say, “it is what it is,” right after you have received bad news, have been caught red handed or something along those lines. And I agree, it is what it is, and you shouldn’t waste too much time energy or resources’ trying to make it seem like it isn’t.

On the other hand, it is FAR MORE than just a simple statement and moving on.

Whatever “it is” that has gotten you to the point of reference is a problem. You need to be able to recognize the problem and CHANGE.

This is a huge disconnect that most of us have. Especially entrepreneurs.

No longer do you get to sit around and simply accept what it is. If you want there to be some sort of difference or change, that change needs to start with realization.

I know you may be chanting some mantra about the man in the mirror but it starts much sooner than that.

You’re never going to look in the mirror to change until you REALIZE that change needs to be made.

Here come some bold you’re broke, tired, unhealthy, unhappy, stressed or otherwise just ‘s time to REALIZE that there is a deeper issue than your current circumstances.

This is typically the time when we hear, “It is what it is.” And for most people that statement is like raising the white flag of surrender. Congratulations, you just gave up on yourself.

It’s been said that EVERYTHING you want exists two steps outside of your comfort zone. After nearly a decade of trials and tribulations I would most certainly agree.

So, the next time those ugly circumstances raise their gnarly heads and you say, “It is what it is.” You’re right, but it’s not what you think it ‘s not the circumstance, it’s YOU.

Every great master of ANYTHING is first a master of self. I think it was Buddha who said, “Better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.”

So, whatever it is for you, business success, relationships, health & fitness, ‘s out there for you. Or, better yet it’s already inside of you. You just need to REALIZE what it is.

Get rid of the distractions, unplug the TV and get really clear about what’s important. Everything else will fall into place.

Then, when you have a HUGE commission month, meet the partner of your dreams and run a marathon, you can simply is what it is.