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From Summer to Fall Fashion: How to Transition Your Wardrobe

From Summer to Fall Fashion: How to Transition Your Wardrobe

Even with scorching temperatures haunting our every step this summer, there are tons of summertime treats we don’t want to part with yet: Days by the pool, warm nights spent with our favorite friends and a perfect excuse to eat ice cream every day.

One thing you don’t have to give up when fall comes around? Your cute summer fashion! That’s right-with the proper styling, you can seamlessly transition some of your favorite summer pieces right into your fall wardrobe.

So to help you out, here’s a guide to deciding what works in the fall, what should hibernate until next summer and how to style your summer pieces for fall.

Nothing keeps you cooler in the intense summer heat than showing off some leg! But when temperatures start to drop, you’ve got to cover those babies up to stay warm.

Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you have to stow away summer staples like dresses and skirts until summer rolls around next year. All you need to do is add some tights to your look, and you’re all set.

Though tights used to be pretty boring, a whole array of new patterns and fabrics have made them a fall and winter must-have. Experiment with sheer, opaque, colored, lace or even animal print tights or leggings to add an instant touch of glam to your look, all while making your summer pieces work for fall.

Have a favorite tank, sleeveless blouse or short-sleeved dress that you love to rock in the summer? All it takes to make these pieces perfect for fall is to layer warmer pieces over them.

Try adding a cute cardigan and jeans with your top, a sweet scarf to your blouse, or a pretty sweater to your dress, and you’ll have no trouble staying cozy on those cool fall evenings.

And if you still want to wear a dress or skirt sans-tights, layering is a great way to add enough warmth to keep you comfortable.

Also, add in a pair of boots to cover up a bit. Lace-ups and boots with buckles are totally hot right now.

Keep in mind that fabric is important when deciding what you can take from summer to fall.

The best transition fabric is cotton, but leather and light knits work, too.

And for those of you who live in a climate that doesn’t change too much from season to season, use colors to transition your wardrobe.

Pair bright summer colors like coral, turquoise and even white with the more rustic colors of fall – think deep red, hunter green and plum – or wear them on their own.