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Dress Your Business for Success With Promotional Apparel

Dress Your Business for Success With Promotional Apparel

Over the years, promotional apparel has moved to the forefront of giveaway merchandise because it’s an effective marketing strategy. The great thing about clothing is it offers countless opportunities to expose your brand to consumers.

The diversity of promotional apparel makes it available to every business owner, regardless of budget constraints. Apparel can be as simple as a logo imprinted scarf or comprised of an entire wardrobe complete with tees, polo shirts, jackets, and hats.

A top consideration of using branded garments to market your company is the image portrayed on merchandise. Artwork, logo, or text ought to be inline with your corporate identity.

By means of example, an eco-friendly cleaning company would want garments manufactured from organic cotton or recycled materials. Design elements would likely be Earth tones of green, tan, brown, and blue. Any time conflicting elements are mixed it confuses consumers about the brand identity.

The great thing about clothing is there is plenty of space to promote your business. Design sizes are determined by the message you want to send and the elements needed to deliver the message.

For instance, a car manufacturer might create a screen printed tee shirt that showcases their newest car. The image could be as large as the entire front or back of the shirt. Or, they might take a more subtle approach and create a special edition polo shirt with a small embroidered image of the car.

Polo shirts are a favorite amongst business professionals. They also make great gifts to clients who enjoy golf or for use as workplace attire. Most owners have their logo and business name embroidered onto the chest or sleeve.

Additional design elements can be embroidered on collars or sleeves, if desired. It’s best to use features that symbolize your brand. For instance, a bakery might have a row of cupcakes sewn along sleeves.

One thing to consider when adding design elements is associated costs. Having full-color, large scale designs embroidered on the back of a denim jacket can be quite costly. It’s more cost-effective to use small to medium size, single color designs.

Creating eye-appealing clothing is a great way to generate interest toward your brand. Not only will recipients want to wear garments often, other people will take notice. Some will even start a conversation to learn more about the company.

Alternatives to tees and polo shirts are sweaters, loungewear, fleece sweatshirts, and outerwear.

Fleece sweatshirts and outerwear are a great gift for colleagues, personnel, and clients. Nearly everyone appreciates a soft and comfortable jacket to keep them warm during cooler months.

Fleece jackets are an ideal fabric for embroidered logos. This style of outwear is fashionable, yet functional. It’s comfortable, cozy, and warm and makes a perfect gift for sports fans.

One of the best things about promotional apparel is it an affordable way to get your business name in front of many people. The key to success is creating a design that gets people’s attention. For this reason it’s recommended to consult with an established firm that specializes in designing branded clothing.

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