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Charcoal – The New Black For Men’s Dress Shirts

Charcoal – The New Black For Men’s Dress Shirts

Charcoal is by far the hottest color this season. As light colors are popular in the summer, charcoal is this winter’s popular color. What’s also great about charcoal is its versatility. It’s great for many fashion needs and the charcoal dress shirt should be a staple for strong, strapping men who want to look smart but casual.

A simple charcoal dress shirt can be freshened up with a nice black blazer with gold buttons. Might be nice to wear a conservative pair of gold cuff links to match too. But it’s attention to detail that’s important that’ll allow you to look your best in even the simplest of men’s dress shirts.

Charcoal is a color that is suitable for any occasion this winter, not only funerals. You can add a fashionable scarf or loosen a few buttons near your collar so you don’t seem too dressed up, but at the same time you certainly don’t look dressed down.

Although charcoal and other dark colors are thought to be conservative, you can be quite fashionable with dark colors, by adding brighter, more fun colors to your outfit. Just because you are wearing charcoal doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match other colors to make for a better outfit.

Also, who says that a dress shirt has to be reserved for professional purposes? Put on your favorite pair of dark wash jeans with your charcoal dress shirt and get ready to own the town. It’s great for a night out to the club, bar, even a fancy restaurant. No need to wear anything outlandish to get people’s attention. Just looking good and feeling confident in your slimming charcoal dress shirt is all you will need to attract the ladies (or men) and to feel good about yourself without having to worry if other people are judging your fashion sense.

For the bolder, stronger, more masculine men, charcoal and other dark colors are a great choice. Just know when you’re bordering the line of goth, or punk. You should strive to look respectable, not trashy or seem like you are “trying too hard.”

Charcoal is a popular color and you can buy it along with any other men’s dress shirts online at affordable prices so it’s not a luxury product that you’ll want to cherish. Don’t get me wrong though. You definitely want to cherish how good you will look in a charcoal dress shirt, but make sure you create an outfit that works.