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Ladies’ Formal Shirts – Style Them Up!

Ladies’ Formal Shirts – Style Them Up!

With the ever growing professionalism, the trend of formal dress shirts have become a common sight at the offices these days. Since the ladies formal shirts are known for its crisp manly style and not something most of the ladies look forward to, hence, here are a few tips and ideas which can make the formal shirts interesting and fun clothing.

Check out four different ways to style a formal dress shirt:

Unbutton the Shirt

The simplest way to ease out the stiffness of a formal shirt is to leave the collar holes unbuttoned. The first two buttons below the collar button can also be left unbuttoned to soften the strict stiff look and accentuate the feminine in such formal outfit.

Play with Colors

Since the style is restricted in a formal shirt, try to play with colors to add a fashion element in the basic bland shirts. Go for feminine pastel shades like pink, blue, mint green etc. In fact, if the dress code allows, then one can also try design patterns like polka dots and stripes.

Feminine Detailed Shirts

The best way to enhance femininity in a formal wear is by picking up shirts which has cute feminine details like puffy sleeves, ruffled ends, pleats etc. Such shirts serve the dual purpose of being formal wears and maintaining the feminine style gracefully.

Accessorize the Right Way

Teaming up the formals with the right kind of accessory can brighten up the simple uninteresting formals to a great extent. It is also a nice way to distinguish oneself from the peers. A chunky necklace or a cocktail ring can work wonders for a formal set of clothing. Moreover belts can be a great way to put together a loose shirt and make a style statement simultaneously.