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Ladies Plus Size Coats, Why Trench Coats Are A Must

Ladies Plus Size Coats, Why Trench Coats Are A Must

Unfortunately, being plus size makes choosing the perfect coat difficult. The positive is that in recent years, the trench coat has become, not only fashionable for a plus size ladies wardrobe, but it is also a chic piece of clothing that every woman should have in their closet. There are many reasons why the trench coat is so stylish to a ladies plus size figure. Here are the 3 main reasons why every plus size woman should own a trench coat:

1. Trench coats are flattering to any plus size body type.

2. Ladies can now find trench coats in vivid colors; so have fun when choosing the perfect color to match your personality. There is no need to go out and buy the basic tan-colored trench coat.

3. The cinched waist as well as the fuller skirt of a trench coat hide plus size flaws.

If you are interested in purchasing another style of coats just keep this in mind: There are several factors to take into account depending on both the type of plus size coat and what its purpose will be in your wardrobe.

One important factor is for plus size ladies to know their body type; not only when purchasing a coat, but for everyday clothing as well. This can be put into four categories:

1. The Rectangular plus size body- Ladies with this type of body are the same size both on the upper portion of the torso as the bottom part. Curves aren’t noticeable.

2. The hour-glass plus size body- The trench coat would be your first style of coats. This is because your plus size hour-glass body is both curvy and balanced. Meaning she has all the curves in the right places.

3. The pear-shaped plus size body- Ladies with this body type is heavier on the bottom, rather than the top. The waist line is usually smaller and more defined.

4. The apple shaped body- This plus size body type carries weight around the middle and the bust lines as well as the waist line are larger.