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Must-Have Pilates Workout Clothes

Must-Have Pilates Workout Clothes

Pilates strengthens muscles while increasing flexibility and improving your physical and mental well-being. People take Pilates classes at the gym, a yoga center, or practice it at home by following along with television shows or DVDs. This type of workout involves a lot of stretching and other movement so you should wear apparel that is comfortable and allows you to move. When the proper gear is worn, your workout will be more effective.

Stop adjusting, start exercising

No one wants to waste time fumbling with clothing during a workout. Spending the time and money to purchase workout clothes designed for Pilates or similar types of exercise is worth it. When these clothes are worn, people can give the exercises their full attention. Getting the most out of each movement will yield the intended results. Interrupting the workout to adjust pants, shirts, and bras can limit the beneficial effects of this workout.

Tank tops galore!

Tops designed for Pilates include tank tops for women as well as short and long-sleeved shirts. Tank tops come in various styles, include spaghetti strap, wide strap, cross back and racer back. These tops may have a scoop or v-neck and come in different colors and patterns designed to coordinate with pants, shorts, and capris. If the tank top does not include bust support, you should wear a sports bra underneath it.

Keep your cool

T-shirts are available in short or long-sleeved styles, both of which are often made from material that stretches, such as Lycra or Supplex. The wicking feature of performance clothing keeps the wearer cool and dry during a workout by capturing and storing moisture away from the body. Some Pilates classes take place outdoors during warmer months. The weather may not be warm enough for only a t-shirt so there are long-sleeved sport jackets and hoodies available to wear over a shirt. Some are made from mesh and feature quick-dry wicking.

Bottoms up

Bottoms are one of the most important pieces of clothing for Pilates because they must be flexible, yet comfortable. Leggings are form-fitting and ensure no ride-up during leg movements. Capris and shorts of different lengths are also available in the same style. For those who desire some less-restrictive clothing, there are looser fitting pants, shorts, and capris. These often have a low-rise feature designed to make the fit more comfortable in the abdomen area. One-piece ‘skorts’ feature shorts under a skirt and ‘skeggings’ are leggings underneath a skirt.

You’ve got to have sole

In most cases, practitioners of Pilates wear socks or have bare feet when they are exercising. Some teachers permit shoes to be worn for hygienic purposes. Yoga shoes usually slide on the feet and feature a rubber sole. Corduroy and bamboo are two common upper materials and insoles are made from substances like memory foam.

When you are outfitted properly, your Pilates routine will progress smoothly. Apparel comes in various sizes and is made from material designed to move with the body during each pose. You may need to experiment with different types of clothing such as leggings or full-length pants in order to find the pieces most comfortable for you.