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The World of Victorinox

The World of Victorinox

Victorinox has become world famous for making original Swiss Army knife. This company was established in the year 1884 by Karl Elsener as a small cutlery workshop. He was delivering the pocket knives to the Swiss Army and by this time, his chief business in cutlery started to boom. The name, Victorinox was derived from his mother’s name, Victoria and the term “inox” which means stainless steel. This company turned out to be the top preference with the professionals worldwide providing more than 300 blade style options. This company has been in the business for more than 50 years. When they reached 50 years, R.H. Forschner from New York approached Victorinox and asked the company to become their only and exclusive supplier of cutlery. These two companies united hands in the year 1937 and from then on, Forschner turned out to be the biggest brand in the whole of US.

The products manufactured are identical along with quality and being multifunctional. They are known and acknowledged by people from various parts of the world. You can easily identify Victorinox products with the cross and shield logo present across their products. You can identify the pocket tools by the logo that is imprinted on the blades’ shank. The product collection of this company is based on 125 years of manufacturing and trading the high quality brand products that are made in Switzerland.

Timepieces are also made by Victorinox. It ranges from classic timepiece designs to rugged chronographs in titanium and stainless steel. You can buy both men’s and women’s watches. Travel gear division is another class that manufactures carry-ons, backpacks, business bags, and wallets. If you own a laptop and need to carry it to all the places wherever you go, then you can buy a laptop carry bag to suit your needs. They are said to be making the best laptop bags ever made.

Victorinox clothing is also very famous as it is making shirts, outerwear, T-shirts, pants, blazers and sweaters. They make sure to only use high quality materials to manufacture all the products.

Products like the Down jacket, Quad Pocket heritage jacket, full zip sweater, brushed cotton padded overshirt, crew neck sweater, insulator jacket are some of the most famous and well-known jackets which you can easily avail in the market today. Tailored Fit Woven Shirt, Poplin Shirt, Short Sleeve Linen Shirt, Long Sleeve Linen Shirt, Plaid Shirt, Long Sleeve Woven Shirt, Classic Roll Up Shirt are some of the most popular shirts made by Victorinox, till date.

All the clothing products are said to be having one particular thing in general. They are always a manifestation and representation of a company philosophy that is based on genuine, reliable and sound values. They are generally made with great quality materials that are very much reliable, practical and functional in nature.