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The Ever Changing Women’s Fashion!

The Ever Changing Women’s Fashion!

Minimalism is in ladies! “Less is more” is what you’ll often get to hear around in the women’s fashion world these days. To start with, in case you have been out on holidays in the past weeks or sleeping, the color of this season is Camel, camel clothing and accessories. Yes, a lot of people may be quite surprised. The directions are basic, keep it simple, pick up knits and coats in subtle hues and go for neat cuts. Even simple scarves would do now and then. This look will give you a conventional feel, a matured look which is ideal for work yet has that perfect, elegant and sexy edge to it. In coats, camel ones are anytime the most wearable though Gucci has come up with some lovely camel trousers for evening wear which look dazzling when worn with cream.

Remember the basic fashion tip; less is more this season in women’s fashion current trend, which is constantly changing.

What most of us end up doing while dressing up for a party or outing is to put on a lot of layers or accessories. Trust us, you may end up being a disaster. So to keep away from the fancy dress look, keep it minimal and follow the “less is more” rule.

For example in the market things you could look for are fine knit, classic trousers, which should not be too long and fit well, round neck jumpers, polo necks, coats, shirts and all of them with basic detailing. Best would be to go for no buttons or zips, just simple cut looks.

It’s a short scene this season. Talking about all or any time wear in the women’s fashion segment, shorts are the hottest asset to own these days. There are evening shorts or well tailored shorts for any special occasion or a wild and crazy party all night.

Even formal shorts can look amazingly understated and classy for occasions. One can put on an elegant blazer over a plain chiffon or similar material shirt to go well with a smart pair of shorts. Do not think your shorts will go back into the box once the winters start, you could sport nice black or any other dark opaques with them. Practical yet sexy is what we want, after all which is true fashion as well.

Although you may have a love-hate relationship with them but leggings are still around. Try and keep away from the white ones as they don’t leave much to the imagination. Rather go for pants in that case. You may in fact see last year’s leggings, jeggings, skinny pants and colorful tights as well.

Don’t be afraid of playing with varied textures along with layers sometimes. This season’s stylish leather shorts look dazzling with lace or edging taking the top spot in the season’s fashion talk.