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3 Victorian Era Contributions to Modern Culture

When you think of the Victorian Era, you may think of elegance and grace. This time in history, named after Queen Victoria, also saw plenty of history’s darker moments and movements. The Victorians were a creative lot, and they invented many things, from tools to sports, with which you are probably familiar. Here are three Victorian Era contributions to modern culture.

Equestrian Arts

Before superhighways and turbocharged engines, there was horse power. Humans rode horses for many centuries before the Victorians, but their love of the equestrian arts took the connection between humans and horses to another level altogether.  Horses were an important part of Victorian society, and strict “laws” and social mores governed behavior with and around horses. This included specific attire for both men and women.

Horses were more than essential transportation. They were part of people’s social standings. Sometimes, people were identified by their horse before being remembered for themselves. The equestrian arts are still prized today, and quality equestrian gear is always in demand.

Modern Christmas Celebrations

The Victorians developec customes people still use to celebrate the holiday season leading up to December. Queen Victoria’s beloved spouse Prince Albert was a German prince when he married her, and she brought many of the traditional practices of his native country into Buckingham Palace, from whence they spread into the rest of the world. Christmas carols, wreaths, a focus on family, and beautiful cards come to modern societies courtesy of the Victorians.


The Victorians liked to play. Do you enjoy baseball? Thank the Victorians, the Irish, and continental Europe for contributing to this game prized by many modern Americans through folk games that developed into cricket and gradually were used to create baseball. Croquet was a delicate women’s sport enjoyed in the Victorian Era so that everyone could get in on the action.

Many elements of modern life were developed by the Victorians. People still prize and practice habits from playing to celebrating created by Victorian society. That era planted created seeds that continue to sprout.