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How to Match a Collared Shirt and Silk Tie

How to Match a Collared Shirt and Silk Tie

Stripes are popular in men’s attire; you could even don a striped shirt and striped necktie all together, as long as you stick to the basics of primary colours. Now evaluate pattern size, as one of the patterns must be smaller than the other. For example, let’s say you have a blue collared shirt with small white stripes. With this design, your tie should be bolder, similar in colour and have thicker stripes than the collared shirt. Sticking to this harmony will help your tie and collared shirt styles to look fantastic and not exceedingly busy to the eye.

Sporting a neck tie with an adventurous pattern such as polka dots or a paisley design can work with similar coloured, tinier patterned collared shirts. However, if you are uncertain in your style choices, then a solid colored collared shirt in a similar colour to the primary shade in the tie is an easy way to pair them.

The Prominence of Color

Sporting the same blend in collared shirt and necktie, such as a dark blue shirt and tie, can be a very sophisticated look. To pull this look off, you will need a tie that is a several shades darker than your collared shirt. Having a dark silk tie in the same color will help to create an important contrast and prevent you from looking overly matched and boring. Pulling this style off will count on getting the shades precise.

A great starting point to build your wardrobe from is with plain color shirts in white or black. A white shirt is basically a blank canvas allowing you to get as elegant as you want with your tie. It is also difficult to go wrong with a plain black shirt and any number of different silk ties. Starting with a plain coloured collared shirt can help you communicate your complexion easier at the beginning, as there is no limit to tie choices (though please spare us from practical joke it lights up, don’t wear it!).

After you have the fundamentals down and have helped to train your look a bit, you can venture outside of the rules or customs and try things for yourself. Developing your own appearance will come in time. Don’t get too frustrated in the early goings. At the end of the day, you will pick up the fundamentals by instinct. Learning these basics of how to pair a tie and a shirt together can assist you in going from a zero to a hero in the fashion world.