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Men’s Dress Shirts – How to Wear Dress Shirts With Pattern Fabrics

Men’s Dress Shirts – How to Wear Dress Shirts With Pattern Fabrics

Men are discovering that they can mix and match their dress shirts to create an array of colorful suit options for business and causal needs. While solid color dress shirts can easily suit any occasion you need to exert a bit of care when pairing your favorite suit or slacks with a dress shirts with patterns.

Wear your patterned shirt with solid color pants and you will come up a winner. Instead of matching the dominant shirt pattern with a pair of pants that sport a matching pattern tone it down a bit with solid color slacks that allow the shirt to take center stage.

Mens dress shirts with pattern fabrics can be worn by individuals who want to spruce up their suits and usual attire. With a patterned shirt you can instantly add interest and a bit of spice to your wardrobe for a nominal cost.

Dress shirts with stripes can be worn with a solid color black or navy business suit. This will result in a nice change from the look that is achieved with plain white dress shirts. Bold or narrow stripes add interest and some fashion forward flair, although you may want to stick with the narrow striped pattern if your office is still somewhat conservative regarding the dress code.

Try a striped shirt when you wear your best blazer and slacks. If you leave the collar unbuttoned the look will be one of casual elegance that can be worn at a country club, restaurant or to an informal party. Bolder shirt patterns include designs such as plaids, geometric squares, houndstooth, windowpanes, and checks. You will find many of these eye catching patterns being sold in the top men’s stores. Choose a refined plaid pattern with French cuffed sleeves and a spread collar if you want to give an appearance reminiscent of an upscale Englishman.

You can wear dress shirts with plaid or checkered patterns in a variety of ways, including with the collar open, and still pull off a finished fashion look.

Jacquards are one of the most refined types of patterns for shirts. This type of fabric is white on white and the pattern is very subtle unless you are able to view at a fairly close range. The elaborate weaving that is used to create a Jacquard design is at its most elegant when used to create Mexican wedding shirts. The delicate nature of these men’s patterned shirts makes it easy to pair them with almost any type of outfit from denim jeans to a tuxedo.

While solid color shirts will doubtlessly be a strong favorite of many men there is also a growing number of male fans who are raising the bar concerning men’s fashions. Those patterned dress shirts have generally been considered a good choice for business wear and casual occasions. Jacquard prints are the only pattern that has been widely accepted into more formal occasions, but dress codes are continuing to change and evolve.

There are some formal parties now where men are arriving dressed to the 9’s and they are indeed wearing some dynamic men’s dress shirts with stunning and colorful patterns.