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Safe School Uniforms for Boys

Safe School Uniforms for Boys

With fall approaching it’s time to start thinking about clothing for school-age boys. Recently a heated debate has surfaced regarding the fashions worn by teenagers at middle schools and high school and how certain trends have caused fights, harassment and offensive behavior. Though school uniforms used to be the trademark of private and prep schools more state and parochial schools are considering instituting dress codes to avoid cliques, gangs and other social behavior that can alienate students. If you are sending a boy to school that has a dress code, or just want them to look decent in class, there are a few simple rules to follow that will allow your kid to avoid any fashion hassles.

For boys the traditional school uniform is often comprised of khaki pants, a polo shirt or dress shirt and sweaters. Khaki pants are a staple of any men’s wardrobe and when accented with a black or brown belt makes for a smart presentation. Of course, when buying khaki pants for school it is expected that the waistline is fit. Baggy clothes have become a warning sign in many schools and pants that sag is basically a sign of laziness.

For warm fall and spring days your school may allow for shorts in which case you can find appropriate khaki shorts for boys that will match well with polo shirts. Shorts may also be required for physical education classes and school sports team so giving your boy a few pairs of elastic band pull-on shorts will certainly come in handy.

Boy school uniforms usually include a polo shirt. Whether a long sleeve or short sleeve, the polo shirt is synonymous with all grade levels, even college, and choosing a well-fitting polo shirt in blue, white, tan or black will match the dress code of almost any institution. For formal occasions consider the oxford dress shirt that is about as traditional a shirt as you are likely to find. You can accessorize polo and oxford shirts with fashionable cardigan sweaters and v-neck sweater vests that present a sharp and clean look.

Boy school uniforms may also include outerwear such as bomber jackets, fleece hooded sweatshirts and windbreakers. If you child is attending a private school the administrators will definitely make you aware of the dress code but if your boy attends a public school that does not have strict uniform guidelines consider jackets and sweatshirts that are basic in style and simple in color. Bomber jackets and fleece sweatshirts in blue, green, maroon or grey are safe choices for fitting in with almost any dress code.