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Don’t Fear Going Gray

Have you been hiding those gray roots for years now? Afraid of the true gray you? Don’t be afraid. Follow these guidelines to get you through the color transition and to embrace your natural beauty.

Try a New Hairstyle

You have colored your hair for the last time. As the weeks go by, the roots start to grow. Instead of running out just one more time to get those roots colored, let your roots show. If you feel a little unkempt, a new hairstyle might make you feel better. Like an updo. Having your hair up and loosely pulled back can minimize the transition line between your new hair color and your old hair color. Since you are going for a new look, try a trendy short haircut. This gives you the option to keep your hair short or grow it out with your new natural color.

Consider Temporary Color Options

If the line between your new gray color and your old hair color is too drastic, you might consider visiting a hair salon Palm Beach Gardens FL for colorist tricks and techniques to pull you through this transition. Highlights, lowlights or touching up your roots may be your easiest solution, and a trained colorist could be your best friend.

Take The Plunge

If you like to live on the wild side or have no patience in waiting for your hair to grow out naturally, you are a great candidate for an all-over coloring treatment. Select a gray hair coloring treatment close to your root color. You can color at home or make an appointment to enjoy some quiet time at the salon. Doing an all-over gray color will blend in with your natural gray, and you will be ready to rock your new look in no time.

No matter what process you choose for your color transition, enjoy your new look. Have fun with it, and show off your natural beauty.